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Local Dentist | So You Need a Crown or a Bridge

Two common dental procedures that play a significant role in restorative dentistry are crowns and bridges - but unlike other dental treatments that can be pretty easily figured out; fillings, dental cleanings… scrapings - crowns and bridges can be a little more confusing. Let’s demystify these treatments, outline what they entail, what patients can expect during appointments, and other useful information.

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Local Dentist | So You Need Root Canal Therapy

The term ‘root canal’ has crept into our collective consciousness as a phrase of fear - it’s meant to be something painful, something expensive - but what is it, really? What does it involve, and what does it mean when your dentist tells you it’s time you had one?

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Local Dentist | Meet Your Dentist: General Dentist

You may be surprised at how many different types of dentists there are, caring for the nation’s dental health. These highly trained medical providers are equipped to handle various diseases and conditions relating to oral health, and some of them are specialists in specific areas. In this series, we’ll introduce you to each of the different types of dentist, so you have a better idea of who you’d like to make an appointment with when the time comes.

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